Botswana is one of few African countries that has been largely successful in combatting poaching and conserving its wildlife. Due to this, it proudly boasts the largest concentration of elephant on the planet. And here the problem arises: Huge herds of elephant in protected areas that are becoming rapidly too small to support them.

The answer? Increasing the size of these areas by creating new tracts of land that will be safe habitat for the country’s wildlife. The Omogolo Conservancy, with Omogolo Bush Lodges, is, above all, a project that aims for the enlargement of wildlife habitat in areas where this makes biological sense. Located in the Southern buffer zone of the Okavango Delta, areas that have long been used for grazing cattle are converted to wildlife habitat by creating a permanent availability of water.

We invite you to share in this wilderness area, to enjoy its beauty and to partake in its protection, for those that follow. Because without the beasts we are destined to a life of spiritual poverty.




We established and support Omogolo Wildlife Trust - a non-profit organization that supports wildlife conservation and animal welfare projects in Africa and also in other parts of the world.

The trust is registered in the Netherlands and recognized as an ANBI by the dutch tax authorities, allowing tax friendly donations.

We are proud to say that all running costs of the trust are carried by the Board, so that 100% of the incoming donations is spent on the animal projects!