Valley lodge is positioned along an old fossil river, creating a line of smaller water holes. Hence the name. One of these waterholes is positioned in front of the deck and is already a popular drinking and bathing spot for many species of wildlife.

An evergreen Shepherd tree provides a nice shady area on the deck, and is home to many birds.

The lodge has one spacious bedroom, with ensuite bathroom that has a bath overlooking the waterhole. The large living area has a well-equipped kitchen.

The lodge is eco-friendly and the wooden structure with canvas walls and thatched roof blends in with nature. Hot water and electricity are provided by solar energy. Staff can be called in by radio on any time of the day - other than that they will leave you in peace to enjoy this beautiful spot in all privacy!

Valley lodge is accessible to wheelchair users.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we have not been able to finish the interior of Valley Lodge yet.

We hope to do this soon and will then share this beautiful lodge with you!