Explore the surroundings of your lodge in the ancient way of the Bushmen! During a 2.5 hour walk your Bushman guide will give you a glance of Bushman language and culture, demonstrate survival skills and medicinal use of plants, and show you parts of the fauna and flora of Omogolo.

Get yourself spoiled

A new activity at Omogolo: Spa treatments at your own lodge! Enjoy a selection of treatments (such as massage, facial, mani/pedicure) on your deck or in your room. Try the four-hands massage! Advance booking of your spa day is necessary.

Omogolo in Amsterdam

Omogolo Bush Lodges was present during the BeleggersFair (InvestorsFair) in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 17 November. Over 3,000 visitors passed our stand and could admire Omogolo's elephants, seen from the deck! We also presented a master class about investing in Botswana in general and in Omogolo Bush Lodges specifically. A successful day!


A recent find at Omogolo: this majestic Baobab tree, hidden not too far from the entry road. A loop around the tree has been created so that our visitors can enjoy this beauty. Turn right at the Mowana Loop sign (Mowana is the Setswana name of the tree).

Leopard at Motswiri Lodge

We heard his growls since the beginning of constrution of Motswiri Lodge, we found his tracks regularly, and finally he shows himself! 

This beautiful leopard has now become a regular visitor at Motswiri's pan.

African Wild Dog

Two special early visitors at the lodge this morning! African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) is an endangered species, estimated at roughly 39 subpopulations containing 6,600 adults, only 1,400 of which are fully grown. The decline of these populations is ongoing, due to habitat fragmentation, human persecution, and disease outbreaks.

Mr. Limp - continued

Our Mr. Limp visits Motswiri Lodge's water hole frequently. He joins other bull groups, enjoys his mud baths and puts a nice layer of dust on top. His foot is getting a shape to it again, he still limps, but with speed. We continue to keep an eye on him and will soon need to judge if he needs another antibiotics treatment.

Launch Special!

To celebrate the recent opening of Motswiri Lodge, we offer 

Stay 3 nights - Pay 2

until 30 September 2017. Come and enjoy unique close encounters with Okavango's elephants!

Valley Lodge

A new lodge is to be constructed along one of Okavango's old river beds at Omogolo. Stunning bush with old Leadwood and Camelthorn trees. The seasonal water will soon be permanently filled, increasing again the habitat for Okavango's wildlife.

injured elephant - part II

The young injured bull (see post of 8 April) was recently seen again around Motswiri Lodge. The swelling on his leg had increased and he was limping badly. We got a veterinary team together and the elephant was darted and treated. The wounds were cleaned, x-rays were made but didn't show any foreign object, and after injections with painkiller and antibiotics, the bull was on its way again. We're now hoping for a good recovery. We thank the donors of Omogolo Wildlife Trust, Dr. Jackson and the Maun Department of Wildlife team led by Dr. Nkgowe.


Today this impressive bull elephant came to bring a visit to Motswiri Lodge at Omogolo Bush Lodges. He was collared 7 weeks ago by Elephants Without Borders in Cgae Cgae area, and walked a good 400 kilometers since then to reach us. As you can see he is in excellent condition and was well accepted in this breeding herd!

Injured Elephant

A young bull elephant drank at Motswiri's water hole today and we noticed that one of his front feet was quite swollen, and that he was limping. This was reported to the Wildlife Department in Maun and they will send one of their vets...